Emily is awesome! We tackled three disastrous rooms in a small amount of time. After cleaning out my grandparents’ home last year and moving into it and combining mine and my husband’s houses into one, I was out of energy and vision. Emily is efficient, practical, and exactly what I needed. I feel so much better about my home! I will definitely be calling her again when I (inevitably) need to reorganize.
— Claire

If your house is anything like mine, you’ve got one room which has become a catch-all for ‘everything else’. That room was my workshop/office, and Emily tackled months’ worth of pile up in a single day! She is focused from start to finish and has a keen eye for organization. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.
— Kjrè

Emily was a godsend to me when I was gearing up to move across the country. You never realize how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated until you’re forced to pack it all in boxes. Emily helped me look at my items with new eyes and think critically about each piece. I ended up donating several bags of items to local charities, and was finally able to bring myself to let go of some items I thought I’d never be able to part with. Throughout the whole process, Emily showed incredible compassion for my sentimentality, but stayed firm enough to help me through the process of letting go of things that I legitimately did not need anymore. I’m one month into my new house, and still so thankful for the lightened load and ready to fly her here to help me get rid of even more stuff! Now that I’m feeling the calm that comes from clearing some space, I want to do more.
— Brittany

Can I just say how thankful I am for Emily! We worked on two primary rooms, our family’s worst- the piano/dining room and the garage. Both rooms had really become a catch-all for all kinds of things. Emily and I worked together to donate 4 (yes, 4) car loads of stuff. We now have solid livable and storage space that is clean and organized!! Emily even took care of making sure non-profits received the correct donations from me (breastfeeding supplies, kid stuff, household things).

Emily packs it up, and hauls it away. I had bags and boxes of things I had the best intention of donating, but were still sitting, waiting on me. She ran errands for me and even met me at Costco to help get some additional shelving.

And most importantly, she does it all with an encouraging smile. I can’t tell you what a great gift this was for me and my family.

Emily, I’m already prioritizing having you back to work on our next project!! Thank you for your patience and amazing hard work.
— Kate

When I asked Emily to help me organize, I didn’t think I had that much stuff. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and I’m not as messy as a lot of people. I figured we’d organize my closet and my bookshelves and maybe toss a few things and be done in a couple of hours. I was so wrong! I had no idea how much junk I owned, some stuff I literally hadn’t seen for years. I definitely wasn’t using it and didn’t need it sitting around. When she told me we were going to organize my laundry room, I laughed because it’s so small, I thought there was no WAY there was enough stuff in there to organize! But we tossed a whole bag of junk and old cleaning supplies I had long forgotten about. We spent almost eight hours together and only stopped because I had to go to work, not because we had finished – and I live in a one bedroom apartment! It was crazy. She drove away with a completely full car of my stuff to donate, and that’s on top of the stuff we just threw out. After she left I could imagine her voice in my head asking, ‘Do you need that?’ or ‘Should you really toss that on the ground/hide it in your closet?’ So the experience was great not just because I got rid of so much stuff (and didn’t feel like it was all going to a landfill, because she told me where she would be donating a lot of it), but because it really created better habits and has helped me be less cluttered and more thoughtful about my habits and my purchases. I would definitely have her back to finish the last few rooms we didn’t get to when she was here the first time! The experience was worth every penny, and that is coming from a ‘poor graduate student’!
— Laura

I have worked with Emily on multiple occasions, and I could never say enough of her skill, creativity, and professionalism. I have seen amazing outcomes of closets, storage rooms, and file cabinets (many of them). I would recommend her hands down. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.
— Brian

After moving a few months ago, I was mostly squared away but had a room that never quite got unpacked. I had attempted to sort it out a few times, but never got very far due to the overwhelming variety of ‘stuff’ that was all lumped together in the moving boxes.

Emily was able to help me conquer it - including clearing out shelf and cabinet space in an adjacent room for additional storage - in less than 2 hours. Box by box, she helped me sort, categorize, and put away every piece. Nothing is just shoved somewhere ‘for the time being’. Emily was also kind enough to haul off all of my trash, empty boxes, and items for donating. Afterwards, she sent me a list of suggestions for storage solutions based on the work we’d done.

Without her help, that room would’ve remained full and unusable for probably three more months. Now, I have my room back! Thank you Emily!
— Summer

Y’all. I have had an ‘art/school/paperwork’ space that I have drug around with me from apartment to condo to house. It has had a collection of items from undergrad (early 2000’s) to now and was overwhelming. I just worked with Emily and could not be more pleased. I can actually use the space for school work now, and it is going to drastically help with grad school. She even took the donations away so that I wouldn’t have to do it.
— Mel

Emily takes the reins & really gets you organized. She’s fun, nice, professional, & conscientious. I plan on keeping her on heavy rotation as I tend to space out frequently & accumulate regularly. Keep Eliminate in mind when you want to keep home on point & your nesting chakras neatly aligned.
— Jason

I remember both the healing that happened and the high of happiness and agency over my own life that I felt! It taught me just how much having a nice space to live in affects my mental health. It was like a natural, really powerful antidepressant for me!
— Marianne

When I tell you Emily is giving me my entire life through her business Eliminate: Professional Organizing, you better believe it! She helped me turn months of overwhelming clutter into a thing of beauty. I’m loving my attic right now. You can see the floor, and everything has a place! I’m a busy mom of a toddler, a busy Executive, and I also have a side hustle. I didn’t think I’d ever get around to making this space what my family wanted and needed. But with Emily’s help, we developed a plan of action not only to organize but to maintain it! Within the first few hours the difference in the space was magical. By the time it was finished, I had a stress-free functional space. Don’t put it off anymore...HIRE HER.
— Tanya

I finally found the right person to help me after 3 other tries. Her work is excellent. She is skilled and professionally trained. She is pleasant, and it is easy to work with her.
— Joan

Emily helped our company, CirrusMio, Inc., to create an inventory and organize our offices in preparation for a move. She also arranged for the disposal of materials through donation, give away, recycle, or trash. Her professionalism and diligence made the move a whole lot easier on our team.
— Andrew

Can’t recommend Emily highly enough! My first session was gifted to me, and I’m so glad because it’s something I wouldn’t have thought to get myself! One of the reasons I have a problem with clutter is disliking wastefulness, but Emily was great about helping me donate these items to appropriate nonprofits rather than throw them away. I called her back again to cover more rooms in the house! If you’re thinking about a meaningful and memorable present, this was like a spa day for my home!
— Larissa

I am the Adult Services Librarian at Spencer County Public Library in Taylorsville, KY, I had Emily come in and do an informational program for our patrons on organization. She was amazing, very informative, very helpful, and patient with our patrons’ questions! We certainly enjoyed having her at our library!
— Morgan