I hired a professional organizer to come help me purge my house today, and it was the absolute smartest thing I’ve ever done. I have a terrible habit of keeping things ‘just in case’ and over the years it has really piled up. I’ve tried to purge on my own so many times, but I always get overwhelmed or distracted and quit. My spare bedroom served as a catch all for this stuff, but now I need it for a foster kiddo so enough was enough.

Emily was amazing! We pulled out things one laundry basket full at a time, so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, and decided what to keep and what to donate. She did an awesome job navigating our time and keeping me focused. The best part is she loads everything up in her car and takes them to reputable charities so you aren’t tempted to pull things back out or drive around with it in your trunk for six months. I also really appreciated that she never once tried to get me to buy any kind of expensive storage solution with beautifully matching bins and baskets. I would love to have that eventually, but she worked with what I had on hand and that made the task feel so much less daunting.

I absolutely recommend Eliminate: Professional Organizing. Everyone could use at least a few hours of Emily’s time. I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you, thank you!”

Review posted one month later: “Emily helped me tackle multiple rooms and cabinets in my home about a month ago and though I meant to write a review the day she came, I’m glad I’m just now getting around to it. I had been struggling big time with accumulating too many things (mostly clothes) and was just living out of messy piles of stuff. Emily spent several hours helping me decide what to donate and how to organize the things I was keeping. A couple of days later my father was hospitalized and I unexpectedly spent nearly two weeks in the ICU with him. The organization Emily provided was a godsend. I wasn’t embarrassed to allow friends to come feed my cats or let my dog out, I was able to quickly and easily locate everything I needed to pack for the hospital, I had plenty of clean and folded clothes to last me during that time, and I didn’t feel a wash of stress and anxiety flood over me whenever I walked through the door. Her work provided a sense of stability and calm for me that I desperately needed during that time. I had no idea something like organization could do that. We all have that one room or closet or series of junk drawers that gives us anxiety to even think about. I highly recommend hiring Eliminate: Professional Organizing to help you get them under control. Emily is kind and knowledgeable and so very good at what she does. You will not regret it!
— Desarae

We’ve lived in our house for almost 8 years. In those 8 years we’ve had 2 kids and accumulated A LOT of stuff. In January I decided to organize everything and make 2019 the year of Purging. The thought of trying to get our house in “order” created a lot of anxiety for me and I knew it wasn’t something I could do on my own. I came across @eliminatewithemily through another person I follow on IG. So very grateful I found her because she has been absolutely AMAZING helping us organize and purge items in our home. We’ve only had 2 sessions, but the changes are huge! We organized the play room, basement, garage and storage area.

The first session we tackled the play room and basement. The second session we cleaned out and organized the garage and our storage area. She even helped get some pics up that had been sitting around for years.

I can’t tell you how awesome it feels getting rid of items you no longer need/use. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Thank you so much, Emily!!
— Mia

My garage had been a huge source of anxiety due to the chaos of all the crap we had piled up. I never thought I’d see the floor in there again. Emily was perfect in directing the organization and my garage now looks amazing!! I am no longer embarrassed to leave the garage door open now. She’s friendly and makes the process fun! I can’t recommend her enough. I can’t wait to use her in our house in the future.
— Katie

Emily is awesome! We tackled three disastrous rooms in a small amount of time. After cleaning out my grandparents’ home last year and moving into it and combining mine and my husband’s houses into one, I was out of energy and vision. Emily is efficient, practical, and exactly what I needed. I feel so much better about my home! I will definitely be calling her again when I (inevitably) need to reorganize.
— Claire

Emily was exactly what I needed to tackle “The Junk Room” as everyone in my family names it 😩 Every time I would attempt to do it myself I was defeated just by opening the door and looking. Emily was organized, had a plan of attack, and was pushy with what to keep and what to donate. She even took the donations to Restore and other places for me!! I can’t be any happier with the services Emily provides.
— Cassandra

If your house is anything like mine, you’ve got one room which has become a catch-all for ‘everything else’. That room was my workshop/office, and Emily tackled months’ worth of pile up in a single day! She is focused from start to finish and has a keen eye for organization. I couldn’t recommend her services highly enough.
— Kjrè

Emily was a godsend to me when I was gearing up to move across the country. You never realize how much ‘stuff’ you’ve accumulated until you’re forced to pack it all in boxes. Emily helped me look at my items with new eyes and think critically about each piece. I ended up donating several bags of items to local charities, and was finally able to bring myself to let go of some items I thought I’d never be able to part with. Throughout the whole process, Emily showed incredible compassion for my sentimentality, but stayed firm enough to help me through the process of letting go of things that I legitimately did not need anymore. I’m one month into my new house, and still so thankful for the lightened load and ready to fly her here to help me get rid of even more stuff! Now that I’m feeling the calm that comes from clearing some space, I want to do more.
— Brittany

She turned my entire house into an oasis and helped what was in my head come to life. I can finally breathe in my home. She is quick on her toes and gets things done at record speed. Her prices are extremely reasonable. I’ve never seen anything like it before. What a gifted woman she is! I highly recommend her to anyone on this planet needing to declutter, reorganize, and start anew in any space they need work in. Thank you so much, Emily!
— Candace

I am prone to hoarding, and since I’m getting older, my kids thought it would be a good idea to declutter my room. Emily to the rescue! After just four hours, she had removed 13 bags of clothes and other donated items and an additional two bags of trash! We rearranged furniture to maximize my small space and even my closet was cleared. I spend the majority of my time in my bedroom and before, it was easy to get depressed. Now, it’s more spacious, and there’s a feeling of calmness that wasn’t there before. Thank you, Emily, and thanks to my children for the great gift!
— Paula

Can I just say how thankful I am for Emily! We worked on two primary rooms, our family’s worst- the piano/dining room and the garage. Both rooms had really become a catch-all for all kinds of things. Emily and I worked together to donate 4 (yes, 4) car loads of stuff. We now have solid livable and storage space that is clean and organized!! Emily even took care of making sure non-profits received the correct donations from me (breastfeeding supplies, kid stuff, household things).

Emily packs it up, and hauls it away. I had bags and boxes of things I had the best intention of donating, but were still sitting, waiting on me. She ran errands for me and even met me at Costco to help get some additional shelving.

And most importantly, she does it all with an encouraging smile. I can’t tell you what a great gift this was for me and my family.

Emily, I’m already prioritizing having you back to work on our next project!! Thank you for your patience and amazing hard work.
— Kate

Having moved from my home in California to a shared home in Kentucky, I was overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of ‘stuff.’ Emily Evans clearly had the knowledge, skills, and patience to help me get out of my own crisis of what to do first. She was kind but honest with me and asked the question over and over again as we eliminated - ‘Is there any ________ that you don’t need? Look one more time.’ The first day with Emily, I had my bedroom and some of my living space organized. Within the next two visits, I had my space organized and was happy! Every item had a home, and I knew where that home was! Emily was amazing! I could not have done what she helped me do by myself. She had a vision of how things could look and she helped me attain it. Emily helped me put my ‘stuff’ In perspective, and I feel great having eliminated items that others could use and benefit from. I have a new found freedom thanks to Emily!!!!
— Mary

Emily was committed to getting as much done as humanly possible in the time we had. I know I was ready to quit way before she was. I’m so impressed with the progress we made! I would recommend Eliminate for anyone interested in decluttering their life.
— Natalie

When I asked Emily to help me organize, I didn’t think I had that much stuff. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and I’m not as messy as a lot of people. I figured we’d organize my closet and my bookshelves and maybe toss a few things and be done in a couple of hours. I was so wrong! I had no idea how much junk I owned, some stuff I literally hadn’t seen for years. I definitely wasn’t using it and didn’t need it sitting around. When she told me we were going to organize my laundry room, I laughed because it’s so small, I thought there was no WAY there was enough stuff in there to organize! But we tossed a whole bag of junk and old cleaning supplies I had long forgotten about. We spent almost eight hours together and only stopped because I had to go to work, not because we had finished – and I live in a one bedroom apartment! It was crazy. She drove away with a completely full car of my stuff to donate, and that’s on top of the stuff we just threw out. After she left I could imagine her voice in my head asking, ‘Do you need that?’ or ‘Should you really toss that on the ground/hide it in your closet?’ So the experience was great not just because I got rid of so much stuff (and didn’t feel like it was all going to a landfill, because she told me where she would be donating a lot of it), but because it really created better habits and has helped me be less cluttered and more thoughtful about my habits and my purchases. I would definitely have her back to finish the last few rooms we didn’t get to when she was here the first time! The experience was worth every penny, and that is coming from a ‘poor graduate student’!
— Laura E.

I have worked with Emily on multiple occasions, and I could never say enough of her skill, creativity, and professionalism. I have seen amazing outcomes of closets, storage rooms, and file cabinets (many of them). I would recommend her hands down. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.
— Brian

After moving a few months ago, I was mostly squared away but had a room that never quite got unpacked. I had attempted to sort it out a few times, but never got very far due to the overwhelming variety of ‘stuff’ that was all lumped together in the moving boxes.

Emily was able to help me conquer it - including clearing out shelf and cabinet space in an adjacent room for additional storage - in less than 2 hours. Box by box, she helped me sort, categorize, and put away every piece. Nothing is just shoved somewhere ‘for the time being’. Emily was also kind enough to haul off all of my trash, empty boxes, and items for donating. Afterwards, she sent me a list of suggestions for storage solutions based on the work we’d done.

Without her help, that room would’ve remained full and unusable for probably three more months. Now, I have my room back! Thank you Emily!
— Summer

Y’all. I have had an ‘art/school/paperwork’ space that I have drug around with me from apartment to condo to house. It has had a collection of items from undergrad (early 2000’s) to now and was overwhelming. I just worked with Emily and could not be more pleased. I can actually use the space for school work now, and it is going to drastically help with grad school. She even took the donations away so that I wouldn’t have to do it.
— Mel

I had the pleasure of having Emily organize my daughter’s room. She was caring, efficient, and professional. My daughter loves her new room and I was so impressed that I’ve already booked her for another job!
— Susannah

Emily takes the reins & really gets you organized. She’s fun, nice, professional, & conscientious. I plan on keeping her on heavy rotation as I tend to space out frequently & accumulate regularly. Keep Eliminate in mind when you want to keep home on point & your nesting chakras neatly aligned.
— Jason

I remember both the healing that happened and the high of happiness and agency over my own life that I felt! It taught me just how much having a nice space to live in affects my mental health. It was like a natural, really powerful antidepressant for me!
— Marianne

When I tell you Emily is giving me my entire life through her business Eliminate: Professional Organizing, you better believe it! She helped me turn months of overwhelming clutter into a thing of beauty. I’m loving my attic right now. You can see the floor, and everything has a place! I’m a busy mom of a toddler, a busy Executive, and I also have a side hustle. I didn’t think I’d ever get around to making this space what my family wanted and needed. But with Emily’s help, we developed a plan of action not only to organize but to maintain it! Within the first few hours the difference in the space was magical. By the time it was finished, I had a stress-free functional space. Don’t put it off anymore...HIRE HER.
— Tanya

Emily Evans is simply superb! I’m a 62 year old Pediatrician, and have saved 62 years of NOT organized stuff!! I had an unusable coat closet, and a stuffed walk-in closet. After two days of 2 hour sessions——-all cleaned out! Emily is smart, compassionate, fun, and very easy going. She gave me HOPE! You can do it too! Contact Emily Evans!
— Janice

I have had the pleasure of working with Emily on several occasions, but most recently during an event where she supported our load in and load out efforts. All I can say is, WOW! Emily is efficient, able to jump into the action immediately, and does it all with a smile on her face. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with Emily again in the near future.
— Laura M.

Emily spent several days with me helping organize and clean out closets, cabinets, and storage areas. She was patient and encouraging while helping my husband and I realize we didn’t need to keep things we haven’t worn or used in years. The result- at least 8 large bags to Goodwill and several bags in the trash. It feels so good to be purged and organized. Thanks Emily for a great job!
— Marcia

Emily is wonderful. She is thoughtful, organized, professional, and makes every minute together count. She has great resources that are able to put those discarded items to use before automatically taking things to the thrift store. Also, she takes the stuff away for you - which I thought was a wonderful benefit. She has also helped me to think about things that I need or don’t need, and trying to have a dedicated place for everything, and I carry a lot of her lessons with me in my day-to-day life. I’m glad her services are available and I highly recommend Eliminate!!!
— Angela

Emily spent a whole day organizing thirty years worth of memorabilia into categories for me. She helped to reduce so many duplicates and unnecessary storage. Everything was organized into clearly labeled bins and we can now see what it is stored in the bins with the clear totes she utilized. Emily consolidated our memorabilia bins by half and also helped organize items that could be donated to charitable organizations. She is also very resourceful as she provided contacts for converting VHS tapes to a more accessible version and gave great resources for better photo storage. I would highly recommend her services!
— Christina

Emily took what was a disaster of a walk-in closet and laundry area and made it much more functional and usable. I will definitely use her services again and will highly recommend her to clients going forward.
— Meredith

Emily was great to work with in my closet, and I thank her for motivating us to let stuff go. It was a great experience, and I highly recommend her services!!!!!
— LaCrystal

Emily did a wonderful job for us. She delivered fully on all of her promises. Our job was very labor intensive from a lifting and moving perspective and she handled ninety-five percent of it on her own. Communicative, detailed and timely. We will certainly have her back.
— Kris

I finally found the right person to help me after 3 other tries. Her work is excellent. She is skilled and professionally trained. She is pleasant, and it is easy to work with her.
— Joan

Emily helped our company, CirrusMio, Inc., to create an inventory and organize our offices in preparation for a move. She also arranged for the disposal of materials through donation, give away, recycle, or trash. Her professionalism and diligence made the move a whole lot easier on our team.
— Andrew

Emily is working her way through our house one room at a time! The transformation has been great! I feel less stressed knowing she is organizing my life.
— Whitney

Can’t recommend Emily highly enough! My first session was gifted to me, and I’m so glad because it’s something I wouldn’t have thought to get myself! One of the reasons I have a problem with clutter is disliking wastefulness, but Emily was great about helping me donate these items to appropriate nonprofits rather than throw them away. I called her back again to cover more rooms in the house! If you’re thinking about a meaningful and memorable present, this was like a spa day for my home!
— Larissa

I just had my first 4 hour session of organizing and Emily helped me make so much progress! Very much worth the investment.
— Jenny

I am the Adult Services Librarian at Spencer County Public Library in Taylorsville, KY, I had Emily come in and do an informational program for our patrons on organization. She was amazing, very informative, very helpful, and patient with our patrons’ questions! We certainly enjoyed having her at our library!
— Morgan